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All In The Name Of Science

It may be the world’s most effective way to learn about the Archimedes Principle: “The buoyant force on a body placed in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object.”

Shasta Middle School 8th graders discovered that the best part of science is experimenting to gain a better understanding, even if that takes you to the deep end of Echo Hollow Pool for the annual Shasta Cardboard Boat races.

We Are Bethel Celebrates Saturday

The Danebo Dancers will be one of the Bethel student groups performing at the annual We Are Bethel Celebration Saturday.

The 16th annual We Are Bethel celebration will take place Saturday at Petersen Barn Park.

This free event includes Bethel students providing great entertainment, community booths, a flea market, food, and fun activities for kids and adults.

Look for the Shasta and Meadow View Jazz Bands to perform, along with the Danebo Dancers and an all-Bethel elementary school choir.

We Are Bethel celebrates everything we love about our community. Bring the family from noon – 4:00 and join in the fun.

Musicians Return From Trophy Run

The Willamette Jazz Band 2 brought home a first place trophy from the Pleasant Hill Jazz Festival.

The 42nd annual Pleasant Hill Jazz Festival became a Bethel highlight show.

With 39 schools represented, Willamette’s Jazz Bands brought home first and second place trophies.

The Shasta Jazz Band took second in the middle school division, and the Shasta Sessions choir wound up third.

And Willamette’s Topnotchers choir was also a second place finisher.

With tradition and reputation, Pleasant Hill is a high quality festival, attracting schools from Washington and California.

All Together Now

Prairie Mountain band teacher Casey Crane conducts his students during the school’s individual performance at the Bethel Band Festival. The annual event brought together 350 Bethel musicians, culminating in a combined band performance.

350 Bethel middle and high school musicians gathered at Shasta Middle School for the annual Bethel Band Festival.

It’s always a chance for students to hear how their Bethel peers are progressing, make new friends, and listen to how they could be playing at the high school level.

In addition, students are taught by guest conductor Scott McKee, the Managing Director of the Western International Band Clinic.

The festival allows each school band to play individually before all 350 students play in a powerful combined band performance.

Bethel School District provides music instruction at every level, from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

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