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Meadow View teacher Eric Wright holds two LEGO kits he purchased through a BEF grant. A new $4,200 grant will allow him to provide an entire classroom set of kits for his STEM class.

Eric Wright has the magic touch.

The Meadow View 8th grade teacher has been awarded yet another grant, this one from Toshiba America for $4,200. It will provide a class set of LEGO Mindstorm EV3 robotics kits for his STEM class.

Students will be able to use the toys to experience hands-on lessons in computer science and engineering, and robotics. Each kit includes a powerful programmable computer to control various motors, high tech sensors and a large number of pieces. Students will build a variety of working robots that can be programmed to complete numerous tasks.

Wright got started with two of the LEGO kits through a grant from the Bethel Education Foundation, but the Toshiba grant will allow him to expand the robotics to his entire class.

In the last few years he’s been awarded other grants to purchase a drone, a 3D printer, an iPad Pro, calculators, and a field trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

waterResults for two Bethel schools have been received after the testing for lead in drinking water throughout Bethel School District. The testing was in response to concerns raised around the country about the possibility of lead in school drinking water.

Meadow View had no elevated levels of lead from any of the 119 water sources tested.

Of the 58 sources tested at Shasta Middle School, elevated lead levels have been indicated in three locations: a sink in Studio West, a sink room 37, and a “bubbler” (water fountain) in the cafeteria.

These three water sources will be retested to confirm that the lead source is in the fixture rather than the interior plumbing. In accordance with EPA guidelines, follow-up tests (again conducted by an independent professional environmental service, PBS Engineering + Environmental) will consist of water samples taken immediately after a five minute flush of the pipes which feed the sites in question.

The most likely source of lead in drinking water is from the fittings in old fixtures, which will be replaced immediately. To address the cause and ensure safe drinking water for students and staff, the District will:

  • Prevent immediate access to the water sources in question
  • Eliminate the source of the lead by replacing the fixtures
  • Notify families, students and staff of further results and any updates

The health and safety of our students and staff remain our #1 priority. Although there are currently no federal or state requirements that schools test their water, and although the state has not offered to provide financial assistance to school districts conducting the water tests, Bethel School District has proactively conducted these tests to determine the safety of its drinking water.

Click here for more information from the EPA about lead in drinking water.

Results from water tests at other Bethel schools and facilities will be shared as soon as the information becomes available.

Fresh grapes from Satterstrum Farms in Cottage Grove were very popular as farmers served the food they’ve grown during lunch at Meadow View School.

They’re the ones who grew it, and they’re the ones who dished it out.

Local farmers, ranchers and distributors served lunch to students at Meadow View School as part of Oregon Harvest Day. All Bethel’s school lunches consisted solely of products from Oregon farms, dairies, growers, flour mills and companies.

The lunches included Bartels beef (Eugene), Tillamook cheese (Tillamook, of course), Franz Bakery bread (Glenwood), Lochmead Dairy milk (Junction City), Truitt Brothers beans (Salem), Satterstrom Farms grapes (Cottage Grove), Camas Country Mill flour in the cookies (Eugene), Montecucco Farms squash (Canby), Creative Growers carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and parsley (Noti), Cascade Pacific Farms radishes (Troutdale), and Yamhill County mushrooms (Yamhill).

The kids loved it, the farmers were deservedly proud, and the food was outstanding, pretty much what Bethel’s Nutrition Services Department provides every day.

It’s further evidence why Bethel is the recognized leader in the use of fresh, locally grown food in school lunches.

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