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Town Hall Meeting Tonight

Willamette High School will host the Town Hall meeting in its new lecture hall. All the community is welcome.

Bethel will host a Town Hall Meeting tonight, Tuesday December 12, featuring Representative Julie Fahey, Bethel’s State Senator James Manning, our City Councilor Greg Evans, County Commissioner Pat Farr, Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis, and Bethel School Board Chair Dawnja Johnson.

Everyone is welcome. Bring your issues relevant to the Bethel community.

The meeting will be in the Willamette High School Lecture Hall (in main office building), 6:30 p.m.

Notice of AHERA Asbestos Management Plans

As required by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Bethel School District provides this information to all occupants of its facilities about the AHERA Asbestos Management Plans.

These plans show the locations of asbestos-containing materials in each building, and the actions Bethel School District has taken to reduce the exposure of the building occupants to asbestos fibers. 

The AHERA Asbestos Management Plans are located in the main office of each school.  Any interested party may review the plans during regular office hours.  The following is a list of asbestos activities conducted since the last notification:

– Removal of 3,709 square feet of asbestos containing floor tile and mastic from the Willamette High School boy’s locker room.
– Removal of 2,216 square feet of asbestos containing floor tile and mastic from the Irving Elementary School front office.
– Removal of 369 square feet of asbestos containing floor tile and mastic from the Danebo Elementary School front office bathrooms and 407 square feet from the production room.
– Removal of 35’ of asbestos containing pipe insulation from the Willamette High School west gym.
– Conducted a 3 year re-inspection of all asbestos-containing materials in all District buildings.

Bethel 8th Graders Benefit From Huge Grant

Governor Kate Brown learned about Bethel’s efforts to include more girls in CTE programs when she toured Willamette this fall. The district’s new 8th grade CTE courses will encourage more underrepresented students to take part.

A $332,000 state grant will allow Bethel 8th graders to take CTE courses in Robotics, Culinary Arts and Digital Design.

CTE (Career Technical Education) is a recognized strength in Bethel School District at the high school level.

Beginning next fall 8th graders will be able to take after school classes that feed directly into established CTE courses at Willamette High School.

Called CTE Cruise, the middle school courses will also help attract more girls to CTE programs in which they have traditionally been underrepresented.

Bethel is among only a handful of districts to be awarded this grant money from the state.

In addition, Measure 98 CTE funds will be used to expand the 10 CTE classes that Bethel already offers at the high school level.

Budget Committee Deadline Extended

Applications for the Bethel Budget Committee will now be accepted through December 1.

The deadline has been extended to allow for a greater opportunity to apply for the committee’s two openings. Each position is for a 3-year term.

The Budget Committee provides budget advice and direction, examines the District’s entire budget, and recommends a budget to the School Board.

The School Board will select applicants to fill the positions. Applicants must be a registered voter and must live within the boundaries of the Bethel School District.

To learn more about the Budget Committee call 541-689-3280.  Applications are due by 4:00 p.m. on December 1.

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