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$37,000+ Handed Out In Bethel

Fairfield music teacher Stacie Wicks celebrates a $1,296 BEF grant with her students. The funds will provide iPads for a music composition center at Fairfield.

Surprised Bethel teachers have been awarded more than $37,000 by the Bethel Education Foundation.

The BEF works year-round to raise money to fund grants that enhance the educational experience for Bethel students.

Led by a small student band, BEF Board members marched into classrooms to present 38 grants. Every Bethel school received at least one grant.

There were cheers from students and tears from grateful educators.

The BEF has given away nearly $200,000 in grants over the last 8 years.

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BEF Funds Grants Worth $37,000

Reactions like the one from Prairie Mountain teacher Jenifer Gerlach will be repeated throughout Bethel when $37,000 in BEF grants are handed out on November 16.

The winners haven’t been notified yet, but the Bethel Education Foundation will soon be awarding 38 grants worth $37,302.

More than half of the grant submissions will be funded, promising more opportunities to enhance the educational opportunities for students throughout Bethel School District.

BEF representatives will be traveling from school to school to surprise teachers with the grant awards on Thursday, November 16.

This will be the earliest the BEF has been able to award the funds, with the intent of allowing the grants to make a difference for students as soon as possible. The BEF has funded nearly $200,000 in grants since being established in 2009 by a group of active and caring Bethel parents.

BEF Offers Classroom Grants Again

Prairie Mountain teacher Jenifer Gerlach was among the dozens surprised with BEF grants last school year.

The Bethel Education Foundation (BEF) is now accepting proposals for grants up to $1,500.

The BEF was formed in 2009 by a group of active Bethel parents. It has since given away more than $160,000 in grants for innovative, engaging and effective programs that enhance the quality of education for students in Bethel School District.

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This year the City of Eugene has provided an additional $10,000 in funding specifically for Waste Prevention and Composting Education proposals.

The submission due date is the end of the day Thursday, October 26th, and the BEF plans to award the grants before Thanksgiving break so funded projects can be initiated as soon as possible for Bethel students.

Grant Brings Toys To Life

Meadow View teacher Eric Wright holds two LEGO kits he purchased through a BEF grant. A new $4,200 grant will allow him to provide an entire classroom set of kits for his STEM class.

Eric Wright has the magic touch.

The Meadow View 8th grade teacher has been awarded yet another grant, this one from Toshiba America for $4,200. It will provide a class set of LEGO Mindstorm EV3 robotics kits for his STEM class.

Students will be able to use the toys to experience hands-on lessons in computer science and engineering, and robotics. Each kit includes a powerful programmable computer to control various motors, high tech sensors and a large number of pieces. Students will build a variety of working robots that can be programmed to complete numerous tasks.

Wright got started with two of the LEGO kits through a grant from the Bethel Education Foundation, but the Toshiba grant will allow him to expand the robotics to his entire class.

In the last few years he’s been awarded other grants to purchase a drone, a 3D printer, an iPad Pro, calculators, and a field trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

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