Eugene, Oregon USA

District Grad Rates Take Big Jump

Students throwing mortar boards in the air.

Mortar boards went flying at Willamette High School’s graduation. The Class of 2019 had the district’s highest grad rate in more than a decade.

The high school graduation rate in Bethel is now the highest it’s been in more than a decade.

Data just released by the Oregon Department of Education shows Willamette High School’s 4-year graduation rate at 82.6%, higher than the state average and 10% higher than the previous year.

Kalapuya High School’s 5-year grad rate jumped to 51.6%, despite most students enrolling at KHS behind schedule.

How has this happened? For several years, all Bethel teachers have become even more attentive to individual students’ learning needs.

And, the district is increasingly using data to more closely track students’ progress – intervening with supports when help is needed with academics, attendance, or behavior – from kindergarten through 12th grade.

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