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Volunteer Position With Immediate Results

Produce Plus sign

The coordinator of Bethel’s Produce Plus site will help feed hundreds of local residents each week.

Here is a rewarding volunteer position that makes an immediate impact in our community. We are seeking a volunteer(s) or group(s) to take over the position of Coordinator of the Food for Lane County Produce Plus site at Cascade Middle School.

Otherwise known as the Bethel Free Farmers Market, this food stand provides more than two tons of free vegetables, bread, produce, dairy products, canned food, etc., to local residents during one day each week.

Job Description:

  • Use a Bethel School District box truck to pick up food from Food for Lane County at 11:00 a.m. every Monday (Tuesdays during summer months)
  • Set up tables, signs and food at Cascade Middle School for 2:00-5:00 p.m. food distribution
  • Keep a sign-up sheet to verify people are getting the food they need

This could be a position that is shared among several volunteers, church groups, community members, etc.  The Coordinator(s) will be replacing Super Volunteer Chris Ferguson who has been staging Produce Plus at Cascade every week for six and a half years and now deserves to rest.

Contact Bethel School District at 541-689-3280.

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