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Battle Of The Books Returns

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OBOB battles will take place at regional tournaments over the next two weekends, with top teams advancing to the state tournament.

Battles have been taking place throughout Bethel’s schools. Now kids will face off against students from throughout Lane county.

The annual Oregon Battle of the Books Tournaments start this weekend.

One team from each Bethel elementary school will compete against dozens of teams at Thurston High School this Saturday.

The middle and high school OBOB tournaments are set for Oaklea Middle School in Junction City on March 16.

The top two teams from each regional tourney advance to the state championships in April.

In OBOB, students create teams of four and square off in a quiz show-type of format. They answer questions from 16 OBOB books, questions that are sometimes so obscure that kids need to read the books over and over to remember tiny details.

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