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Teachers Become Students On Inservice Day

Blocking a door with tables.

Bethel staff practice barricading a door during ALICE safety training on Inservice Day.

This is what Bethel school staff did on Inservice Day.

They took part in workshops on Autism, differentiated instruction in math, mental health supports, instructional strategies for English learners, de-escalation strategies, reading instruction, trauma-informed practices, suicide prevention and Sources of Strength, student learning goals, restorative practices in student discipline, and ALICE safety training.

In addition, specialized groups met to work on their specific areas including Speech-Language, Music, Counseling, Physical Education, Life Skills, and Nursing.

The workshops featured Bethel’s own experts leading most of the training, meaning there was zero cost for presenters, and teachers didn’t have to worry about conference registration fees. Bethel received some help from the Trauma Healing Project and Eugene Police Department.

The goal of the inservice was to improve instruction in the skills students need to be safe and to graduate. Growing in knowledge while saving district money? It was a good day.

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  • This was a great day! I loved being a part of the presentations and having the opportunity to talk with so many dedicated and caring staff members. Proud to be a part of our wonderful district.

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