Eugene, Oregon USA

Cascade To Resume Classes Monday

Bethel School District would like to commend Cascade Middle School students and staff on how they responded to Friday morning’s event. All students and staff are safe, and that is the most important fact.

There was a police officer-involved shooting outside the front door of the school Friday morning around 10:45. A Lockdown was immediately ordered and students took it very seriously. They followed staff directions, were caring for one another, and did terrific job throughout the day.

Our schools remain a safe place for students and staff. We practice emergency drills regularly and in fact, Cascade conducted a Lockdown drill just before winter break.

Cascade will resume school at the regular time on Monday and will have a Care Room set up for any students who need extra support.

Our thanks go out to staff from other Bethel schools, the district office, and even School Board members who responded to help.

Most of all, the Cascade staff truly deserve recognition. They conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism and care. This is what it means to be part of the Bethel Family.

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