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Math In The Real World

Students measuring a tent.

Willamette Geometry students measure a structure at Western Shelter as part of a hands-on demonstration of math’s application in real world – and real work – situations.

A grant-funded project at Willamette High School is helping to answer that age-old question about math: When will I ever use this?

The Wil-Hi Math department is working with the CTE (Career Technical Education) department to demonstrate math’s application in real world – and real work – situations.

Willamette High School Geometry students toured Western Shelter in Eugene, and measured one of the company’s tent structures.

On a daily basis staff at Western Shelter use their knowledge of angles, area, and planes, the same subjects that students are learning in Geometry class. The company provides tent-like structures for natural disaster response, wildland firefighters, the military, and other important customers worldwide.

The Willamette project is proving math’s application to actual jobs and valuable skills.

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