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Bethel 8th Graders Benefit From Huge Grant

Governor Kate Brown learned about Bethel’s efforts to include more girls in CTE programs when she toured Willamette this fall. The district’s new 8th grade CTE courses will encourage more underrepresented students to take part.

A $332,000 state grant will allow Bethel 8th graders to take CTE courses in Robotics, Culinary Arts and Digital Design.

CTE (Career Technical Education) is a recognized strength in Bethel School District at the high school level.

Beginning next fall 8th graders will be able to take after school classes that feed directly into established CTE courses at Willamette High School.

Called CTE Cruise, the middle school courses will also help attract more girls to CTE programs in which they have traditionally been underrepresented.

Bethel is among only a handful of districts to be awarded this grant money from the state.

In addition, Measure 98 CTE funds will be used to expand the 10 CTE classes that Bethel already offers at the high school level.

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