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$37,000+ Handed Out In Bethel

Fairfield music teacher Stacie Wicks celebrates a $1,296 BEF grant with her students. The funds will provide iPads for a music composition center at Fairfield.

Surprised Bethel teachers have been awarded more than $37,000 by the Bethel Education Foundation.

The BEF works year-round to raise money to fund grants that enhance the educational experience for Bethel students.

Led by a small student band, BEF Board members marched into classrooms to present 38 grants. Every Bethel school received at least one grant.

There were cheers from students and tears from grateful educators.

The BEF has given away nearly $200,000 in grants over the last 8 years.

To support the BEF – and opportunities for Bethel students – click here and donate.

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