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Bethel’s Best Honored With ACE Awards

Bethel’s 2017 ACE Awards champions are Gina Clark, Lisa Bateman, Anne Johnstone-Diaz and Michelle Toney.

For the 12th consecutive year, Bethel’s best have been honored with ACE Awards as Champions in Education.

Gina Clark from Fairfield (Teacher), Lisa Bateman, Assistant Special Ed Director (Administrator), Anne Johnstone-Diaz from the Bethel Family Resource Center (Classified staff) and Willamette music supporter Michelle Toney (Volunteer) each win $1,000 for the school program of their choice.

They were among 30 Bethel staff and volunteers nominated for ACE Awards, which are sponsored by Oregon Community Credit Union, numerous business partners, and the Eugene and Springfield Chambers of Commerce.

Congratulations go out to all the nominees who were recognized at a special awards ceremony at the Hult Center.

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  • Bethel School District Administrators and co-team members,

    Thank you for honoring our daughter, Gina Clark. Gina started teaching at home after her 1st day in head start around 33 years ago. How you ask? When she got home, she lined up her dolls on the bed after dinner and began teaching them what she learned on her 1st day of school. Soon, we had to find an old school desk and it never stopped. And yes, the wall soon became a white board.

    Again, Thank you all,
    Clark and Iluminada (Lumi) Lynch

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