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Snow Day Make-Up Plans

Bethel has already been forced to implement six Snow Days and two Late Starts due to wintry weather.

Plans have been set to make up some of the lost classroom time due to the six Snow Days and two Delayed Starts we have already experienced.

The changes will allow students to recover meaningful instructional time without putting a big dent in families’ summer plans.

Here are the changes:

  • February 13 (high school Inservice Day) will become a school day for all district students
  • February 20 (Presidents Day) will become a school day for all students
  • March 3 (K-8 Inservice Day) will become a school day for all students
  • Monday June 19th, and Tuesday June 20th will be full school days for all K-11 students (seniors will have already graduated)
  • June 20th will now be the last day of school for K-11 students (it will be a full-day, not an early release)
  • WHS graduation day will remain on June 9th
  • If we have additional Snow Days this winter we will add them to the calendar after June 20th

Parents are asked to mark these changes on their calendars and plan to have their children in school on these days.

All Bethel students will now be in the classroom for more hours than is required by the state, and we want to provide as much meaningful instructional time as possible. The cancelled school days have shown that each day of instruction is important for our children.

2 Responses to Snow Day Make-Up Plans

  • Will this change middle school promotion ceremony dates too?

    • Each of our schools is in the midst of adjusting their calendars as needed. Principals will share any and all changes with parents as soon as they are finalized.

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