Special Recognition For Donna Butera

Presented with her special award, Donna Butera is toasted by the Red Hat Ladies at the We Are Bethel Celebration.

She works behind the scenes, helping the most vulnerable families in Bethel.

Now Donna Butera has received public recognition for her efforts as Bethel’s Homeless Liaison, providing assistance to families who are without shelter or are in transition.

Donna was honored at the We Are Bethel Celebration with a Milk Toast, a traditional toast of milk. Each year at the Celebration, a special toast is made to a significant contributor to the Bethel community.

As the Homeless Liaison, Donna ensures that appropriate services are provided for children to continue their education despite their uncertain housing situations.

She has also developed a well-earned reputation for going to great lengths in assisting Bethel children with clothes, school supplies or medication, and directing families to appropriate and available social services.

6 Responses to Special Recognition For Donna Butera

  • Hooray! I am so heartened to see Donna Butera recognized for her dedication. Thank you!

  • I’m so glad to see Donna honored by the Red Hat Ladies for her work. She really cares about her students, and the community in general. Thanks, Donna, for all you do!

  • I too, am so glad to read of Donna’s well-deserved award of recognition for all the support and resources she provides our Bethel students and families. She is one of the most proactive advocates and professionals I know, and has been such a positive team member to work with over the years. Donna, I applaud your tireless efforts that impacts so many Bethel students, families and staff members!

    Jenn Smyly, Cascade Middle School

  • Hooray for Donna! She’s inspirational!

  • Congrats Mom! This award is just a small part of the recognition you deserve for all you’ve done!

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