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Question: I see the construction of the new schools. Can we get a tour of the buildings? And is there a plan for a “going away” celebration before the old schools are torn down?

Answer: It’s difficult to provide public tours of the buildings while they are under construction, but the District will definitely provide tours before they open to students. And yes, Fairfield and Malabon are making plans for students to say goodbye to their old schools. We will also make time for the public to take a final look around these old schools that hold so many memories.


Question: How much money will be spent building the new schools?

Answer: Bethel voters approved a $49.5 million bond, and we are estimating about $36 million will be directed toward the new Malabon and Fairfield elementary schools and the science addition at Willamette High School. That is only an estimate, so the number will likely be a little more or less than $36 million.

: The new textbooks our schools are using now, are they from the Bethel bond measure?

Answer: Yes! Bethel has adopted new curriculum in math and English language arts. All of this was funded by the Bethel bond.

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