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Bond Upgrades

Bethel School Bond: Final Report

With very careful spending, thoughtful planning and watchful oversight, Bethel School District has stretched its dollars from the 2012 School Bond. 

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Bethel residents received a promise from the School District that it would be reliable caretakers of Bond funds. That promise has been kept.

Without increasing anyone’s tax rate, the 2012 Bethel Bond still brought improvements to every Bethel school, constructed two new elementary schools and a state-of-the-art high school science complex, improved safety, updated textbooks and computers, and so much more.

Nearly all the 2012 Bond money has now been spent. Here’s a look at the very latest projects that have recently been completed.


Taxpayers’ Right To Know

All Bethel residents should know how their Bond Measure dollars are being spent in Bethel School District. It has been nearly 5 years since Bethel voters approved the Bethel school bond with a 73% Yes vote.

While it did not increase anyone’s tax rate, the Bethel Bond still provided: Enhanced security, two new elementary schools, a state-of-the-art high school science complex, updated textbooks and computers, replacement roofs/windows/carpet/playgrounds, and much more.

Thanks to very careful spending along the way, there are additional improvements that were able to be completed this summer. Project Manager Pat Bradshaw gives us a tour.

Bethel Bond Update – Summer 2017

Four and a half years after the voter-approved Bethel Bond Measure, improvements are still taking place throughout the district. Bond Project Manager Pat Bradshaw takes us on a tour of the projects underway this summer.

The Bond That Keeps On Giving

The Bethel Bond Measure was passed during the last presidential election nearly four years ago.

Project Manager Pat Bradshaw explains how the Bond continues to provide improvements for Bethel students, with more yet to come.

Bethel Bond Brings More Improvements

The bond measure that Bethel voters overwhelmingly passed in November 2012 continues to provide promised improvements throughout the district.

  • Thousands of new Math textbooks will be delivered soon for all students in every school.
  • New pour-in-place soft playground surfaces have been installed at Danebo, Clear Lake and Irving elementary schools.
  • New energy efficient windows and doors are going in at Shasta Middle School.
  • Carpet has been installed at Irving, Shasta and Willamette High School.
  • Willamette’s cafeteria is being remodeled for improved atmosphere and efficiency.
  • The restrooms at WHS are undergoing a long-awaited renovation.
  • The well-used gym floors at Willamette are being repaired and refinished.
  • Preserving our facilities, a new roof is being installed over the entire Math wing at Wil-Hi.

Soon to come are security fencing at Willamette, Shasta, Danebo and Irving, all thanks to voters who approved the the Bethel bond with a 73% Yes vote.

Bethel Bond Anniversary…And Thanks

We just passed the three year anniversary of the passage of the Bethel bond measure that continues to deliver for children throughout the school district.
In one last video construction update, Bond Project Manager Pat Bradshaw directs his thanks to where it’s deserved.

Summer Improvements Scheduled

Replacing these failing windows at Clear Lake will be among the summer upgrades provided by the Bethel Bond Measure.

Replacing these failing windows at Clear Lake will be among the summer upgrades provided by the Bethel Bond Measure.

Summer will be construction season in Bethel School District with a number of bond-related school improvement projects being scheduled.

New windows will be installed at Clear Lake, Irving and Shasta. They are well overdue.

Fresh asphalt will be laid at Danebo, Cascade and Willamette. The difference will be welcomed.

Improvements in the school kitchens will take place at Danebo, Clear Lake, Irving and Shasta. Good school food is important, too.

Old carpet will be torn out and replaced at Shasta and Clear Lake. Unlike the Portland airport, folks won’t be sorry to see this carpet fly away.

The gym bleachers at Shasta will also be replaced and the school’s restrooms will be updated, as will the restrooms at Danebo.

All the improvements are thanks to the Bethel Bond Measure, overwhelmingly passed by voters in November 2012.

Bethel Bond: Projecting In The Classroom

New short throw projectors are being installed in classrooms throughout the district. This improvement will directly impact instruction.

New short throw projectors are being installed in classrooms throughout the district. This improvement will directly impact instruction.

Improvements continue throughout Bethel School District thanks to the Bethel bond measure.

See the School Construction Update

While construction on three new school facilities gets a lot of attention, other changes are also taking place in classrooms right now.

New classroom projectors are being installed throughout the district. Most will be “short throw” projectors connected to a specialized arm that is anchored to the wall.

Because they are close to the screen these projectors won’t shine in a presenter’s face or create massive shadows on the image. They are also bright enough so teachers won’t have to turn down the lights in the classroom.

And because wires are snaked through the arm and inside the wall, most tripping hazards associated with dangling cords are being eliminated.

Shasta, Meadow View and Kalapuya are complete. The installation crew is currently tackling Cascade and Prairie Mountain with the knowledge that each room in each school offers unique installation challenges. But this Bethel bond measure improvement is worth the challenge and will impact classroom instruction immediately.

Bond Work Heats Up

The start of summer has signaled a huge amount of work throughout Bethel School District, thanks to the Bethel bond measure. Below are just some of the projects now underway.

Bond Helps Bethel Schools Shine

Having already examined her new floor scrubber and power washer, Danebo's Debbie Jaros examines the school's new vacuum cleaner, all paid for by the Bethel bond measure.

Having already examined a new floor scrubber and power washer, Danebo’s Debbie Jaros examines the school’s new vacuum cleaner, all paid for by the Bethel bond measure.

Wise investments will protect and preserve important assets. That’s why all Bethel schools have just received new custodial equipment, courtesy of the Bethel bond measure.

Floor scrubbers and buffers, carpet cleaners, vacuums, power washers, and industrial floor dryers are fresh out of the box, ready to replace old, malfunctioning and inefficient equipment.

As a team Bethel’s custodians tested various brands and graded their performance before determining which equipment to invest in.

The new gear will allow custodians to do an even better job of cleaning and preserving our schools.

It’s the type of investment that will pay long-term dividends.