Bethel School District Eugene OR

Security Update

Installers with Island Fence adjust one of the gates now in place at Willamette High School. The powder-coated iron fence will help enhance security at Wil-Hi.

An extra measure of safety is now visible at Willamette, Shasta, and Irving schools. A six foot powder-coated fence is in place at each school to better secure each campus.

At Danebo Elementary the open breezeways are being closed off with a wall and lockable doors. That will stop the free flow of foot traffic during the school day and after hours.

These measures are helping each school meet the standards of safety that are common at today’s schools, which call for visitors to go through the front office before being able to access the rest of the campus. School safety was not much of an issue back when Willamette, Shasta, Irving and Danebo were designed and built.

This enhanced security measure is made possible by the Bethel bond, passed by Bethel voters with a 73% Yes vote in 2012.

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