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The Bond That Keeps On Giving

The Bethel Bond Measure was passed during the last presidential election nearly four years ago.

Project Manager Pat Bradshaw explains how the Bond continues to provide improvements for Bethel students, with more yet to come.

5 Responses to The Bond That Keeps On Giving

  • Wow! A lot of great improvements since I left Bethel. Happy to see them. Would love to see them in person (Pat Bradshaw: what about the personally guided tour you promised me?) This is GREAT for all the students in Bethel! Makes me so proud to have been a part of it for years. Although I am retired now, I still have a sense of belonging to the Bethel Family. Go Bethel Students and Staff!

  • Thank you so much for showing all the ways the bond money is being used. The communication on this project has been fantastic! I for one am so willing to pay more in taxes when I get to see how the money is being used, and that it is being used wisely. Thanks for stewarding this bond so well!

  • So great to see how much you are accomplishing for our community. Wow!

  • Thanks for sharing all of the updates; they look great! I’m excited to see how all the funds are being used in our community, and I love knowing that my own children will get to take advantage of our school district and community.

  • Pat,
    Your commitment to the children in the Bethel School District is top notch! Thanks for letting us know how the funds that we voted for are being used.

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