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Installers with Island Fence adjust one of the gates now in place at Willamette High School. The powder-coated iron fence will help enhance security at Wil-Hi.

An extra measure of safety is now visible at Willamette, Shasta, and Irving schools. A six foot powder-coated fence is in place at each school to better secure each campus.

At Danebo Elementary the open breezeways are being closed off with a wall and lockable doors. That will stop the free flow of foot traffic during the school day and after hours.

These measures are helping each school meet the standards of safety that are common at today’s schools, which call for visitors to go through the front office before being able to access the rest of the campus. School safety was not much of an issue back when Willamette, Shasta, Irving and Danebo were designed and built.

This enhanced security measure is made possible by the Bethel bond, passed by Bethel voters with a 73% Yes vote in 2012.

The bond measure that Bethel voters overwhelmingly passed in November 2012 continues to provide promised improvements throughout the district.

  • Thousands of new Math textbooks will be delivered soon for all students in every school.
  • New pour-in-place soft playground surfaces have been installed at Danebo, Clear Lake and Irving elementary schools.
  • New energy efficient windows and doors are going in at Shasta Middle School.
  • Carpet has been installed at Irving, Shasta and Willamette High School.
  • Willamette’s cafeteria is being remodeled for improved atmosphere and efficiency.
  • The restrooms at WHS are undergoing a long-awaited renovation.
  • The well-used gym floors at Willamette are being repaired and refinished.
  • Preserving our facilities, a new roof is being installed over the entire Math wing at Wil-Hi.

Soon to come are security fencing at Willamette, Shasta, Danebo and Irving, all thanks to voters who approved the the Bethel bond with a 73% Yes vote.

We just passed the three year anniversary of the passage of the Bethel bond measure that continues to deliver for children throughout the school district.
In one last video construction update, Bond Project Manager Pat Bradshaw directs his thanks to where it’s deserved.

The work that began in Bethel a year and a half ago is nearly complete. School building projects at Willamette, Malabon and Fairfield are wrapping up. Project Manager Pat Bradshaw has the latest.

After a moment of hesitation, the ribbon gave way for the opening of the new Willamette science and office complex.

After a moment of hesitation, the ribbon gave way for the opening of the new Willamette science and office complex.

Bethel School District has lived up to its word.

The district promised frugal use of taxpayer dollars to build attractive, efficient, long-lasting and effective places for kids to learn, and that is what is being delivered.

After more than a year of construction Bethel’s new school buildings are ready for students.

Ribbon-cutting celebrations are scheduled for Malabon and Fairfield Elementary Schools Thursday, September 3rd. Each school is combining the ceremony with its annual Meet The Teacher Night; Malabon’s at 5:30 and Fairfield’s at 6:30.

Both events are open to the public, with an opportunity to tour the beautiful new schools.

The ribbon-cutting for Willamette’s new science and office complex drew a large crowd, with students mingling in the building with long-time community members.

Final touches are taking place at all the schools, with landscaping being the last phase of the projects to be completed.

It is only a matter of weeks until Bethel’s new schools open up to students. And there was a milestone event that took place at the very top of one school. Construction project manager Pat Bradshaw takes you there.

Demolition of the old Malabon school has begun. While crews are currently working to carefully remove asbestos from two buildings, the primary wing was asbestos-free and it didn’t take long to tear it down. The demolition crew will be able to recycle wood, concrete and metal from the rubble. Watch for the new Mustang weather vane atop the new school building.

Bill Keithly, Kathy Hanson, Mary Smith and Ardelle Howell enjoyed one last look at Fairfield before their old school is torn down.

Bill Keithly, Kathy Hanson, Mary Smith and Ardelle Howell enjoyed one last look at Fairfield before their old school is torn down.

Bethel’s oldest elementary school will be demolished soon. But before Fairfield is torn down former students and teachers were invited in for one final look around.

The memories were especially poignant for some old friends who were part of the very first Fairfield first grade class in 1953.

Bill Keithly, Kathy Hanson, Mary Smith and Ardelle Howell were among those reminiscing with old class photos and school yearbooks.

They also had a final opportunity to walk through the old building that was brand new when they started school.

The four will have another chance to walk down memory lane; it’s their 50 year class reunion at Willamette High School this summer.

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Construction Videos

Time lapse videos show the construction of the new Bethel schools at Fairfield, Malabon and Willamette, made possible courtesy of the Bethel Bond.
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Malabon Construction Time Lapse
Willamette Construction Time Lapse